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  • Dalian, China
    (National service hotline)

    Ushering in an era of great economy innovation, our enterprise will persist in our management faith and belief, and we believe it will bring about more surprise for our customers!

    As the leader

    To respect all—no matter what kinds of persons and things; no matter in the past or now, we shall see its significant aspect, so we can see the future clearly and confront the future bravely.

    Innovation pursuing the change—enterprise’s innovation and reform abide by objective laws of the nature like all things, it develops and changes over and over, and unbalance will occur if the laws are violated, the problems will take place and it will extinct.

    To be practical and realistic—sound progress of the enterprise is because it conforms to objectivity essence of the development, but not direct subjective influence, the subjective function is to find objective laws.

    To keep balance—the existence and development of all things find the balance points among these, or it will extinct, and the enterprises are without exception.

    As the manager

    To keep knowledge acquisition—with rapid growth of talents and enterprises, to acquire the targeted knowledge is the fastest way which cannot be compared by other ways.

    Foresight of thinking—in fact, it is the process to see the future based on the current, the development based on the survival, and the system based on the local.

    To undertake responsibilities—to take responsibility as the mission, the more responsibilities undertaking, the bigger the value of human life is, the happier it is; to take responsibility as the wealth, the more responsibilities undertaking, the faster the growth is, the more wealth it obtains.

    As the staffs

    To possess small dream—it not only can be easily realized, but also it is your dynamic source!

    The happiness in the growth—to endeavor self-growth, enjoy its happiness, and happiness lasts for long!

    To gratitude for everything—gratitude is one part of life, it will make you happier and blessed.

    Look forward to more beautiful tomorrow!

    Signature by General Manager:


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