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  • Dalian, China
    (National service hotline)
    • Basis Post Outsourcing Management

    Basis post outsourcing is to outsource some repeated non-core or core business of enterprise or unit to third party (supplier) in order to lower down the cost and increase service quality, according to optimization of management mode, it will realize integrated management of enterprise, enhance resource allocation efficiency, cultivate competitive advantages, and increase core competitiveness of enterprises.

    Where our advantages are:

    Risk management control system

    Strong field training system

    Strong human resource platform

    National information management system

    Strict project management and control mechanism

    Based on above advantages, we are able to help the enterprise to realize:

    1. ? To help production enterprise to outsource basis posts or some link in production process, and we will organize manpower to participate in production management directly, including:

    Personnel organization, remuneration setup and accounting, on-spot production management, post arrangement etc., and complete production task as the requirements, so it will lower down employment risk and increase production efficiency.

    2. ? Based on post outsourcing, it will re-optimize work mode and process in the premise of post work target, lower down personnel and post arrangement, realize the reduction of employment cost; meanwhile, it will save a large amount of office expenses, lower down software and hardware resource expenditure of enterprise, omit a great amount of mechanical repeated work cost in the management process for managers of enterprises.

    3. ? To help enterprise to realize the avoidance of employment risk and increase employment security. Comparing to labor dispatching, employer (the party awarding the contract) needn’t undertake joint liability, and it can effectively avoid post employment risk for enterprise.

    4. ? After we help the enterprise to outsource the posts, new training system will be led-in, and it will match proper project management and control mechanism, realize project work quality and efficiency to be upgraded effectively.

    5. ? After basis post outsourcing, the enterprise will effectively allocate the resource and core business, cultivate competitive advantages in core business, so as to increase external core competitiveness of enterprise.

    6. ? To increase employment flexibility of enterprise, this will develop our strong human resource platform and information system advantages, and help the enterprise to solve temporary and emergency employment problems.

    Our service range

    l? Basis posts of production enterprise

    l? Basis posts within public places

    l? Basis posts in the project

    l? Basis posts in large-scale activities


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