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  • Dalian, China
    (National service hotline)
    • Security Service

    We offer 7*24 hours order maintenance management service for enterprise, and reach security guarantee of customer body and treasure with advanced scientific method and severe civil defense measures, security guarantee is the first mission of order management, meanwhile, we formulate various management solutions to solve different potential requirements of customers, and adopt strong security measures to avoid various risk hidden in the spot.


    The following is our advantages of measure guarantee:

    Strong military personnel training base

    Various special high-quality security protection equipment and outfit

    Management solution closing to actual requirements

    High combination of civil and technical defense

    High balance of operation cost and benefit


    Our service range

    l? On-site maintenance

    Maintenance of enterprises and public institutions

    Maintenance of business buildings

    Maintenance of shopping centers

    Maintenance of high-end residence buildings

    Maintenance of star hotels

    Maintenance of financial field

    Maintenance of airport and stations

    Special protection of hospital


    l? Process management and control

    Management and control of persons, pieces and objects at the entrance and exit

    Security patrol of responsible area

    Monitoring and control of central control room

    Fire protection inspection

    Parking lot management

    Drills and manoeuvre

    Security consultancy


    l? Technical security protection

    Security protection system consultancy

    Security protection system maintenance


    l? Special maintenance

    Entire protection of various large-scale activities

    Personal guard of VIP


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