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  • Dalian, China
    (National service hotline)
    • Routine Cleaning Management

    We have many years’ mature experience in this field, and we will help the enterprise to realize high-balance of cost and benefit, lead in latest service mode to help the enterprise to form differentiation competitive advantage in the market.

    The following is our advantages:

    To maximize the control of operation cost with latest service mode

    To take the dominant thought of customer requirement as the center

    To regard work process of service quality as the core

    To ensure service quality with continuous improvement of work style

    To take work target of “Zero error” as the core

    Our service range

    Daily cleaning management

    Building cleaning

    Production factory cleaning

    Shopping mall cleaning

    Airport and training station cleaning

    Metro and high-speed rail cleaning

    Complete disinfection and sterilization of hotel PA

    Bank cleaning

    Hospital cleaning

    Mechanical cleaning of city streets

    Special cleaning

    High altitude cleaning

    High-pressure cleaning of construction

    Renovation and caring of stone

    Carpet cleaning and sterilization

    Furniture maintenance, cleaning and sterilization


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