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  • Dalian, China
    (National service hotline)
    • Equipment Maintenance Management

    Equipment management is the whole process management of equipment life cycle, and includes management work of equipment selection, correct usage, maintenance and repairing, transformation and renovation.

    We will help enterprise to make proper use of equipment with technical economic methods, comprehensive equipment management, as well as engineering technology and financial operation etc., it can optimize ratio of cost/ benefit (i.e. Cost/benefit ratio) within equipment life-cycle, i.e. maximizing comprehensive benefits of equipment asset.

    Our perpetual requirements:

    To establish enterprise culture of team cooperation and sense of being master within enterprise

    To maximize equipment efficiency, keep and increase reliability of equipment

    To keep and create the capabilities of keeping safety, quality and productivity

    To maximize service life of equipment, lower down outburst and unplanned maintenance and closing-down times with high limit.

    To challenge zero accident, zero loss, zero waste, and pursue the extremity of production and operation efficiency

    To increase staff skill, train Jack of all-trade staffs, and boost employee morale.


    Our service range

    Electric system (power distribution system, weak current system, illuminating system, emergency power supply etc.)

    Communication system

    Integrated automation

    Piping system

    Electron security and protection system

    Fire fighting system

    Air-condition heating and ventilation system


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