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  • Dalian, China
    (National service hotline)
    • Property Management Consulting

    Our property consultant will offer consultancy suggestions from the aspects of future project operation during different periods, for example, it will offer different business requirement analysis, resource allocation suggestions, device model selection suggestions and internal and external traffic routine plan of project etc. according to different project positioning.

    Early interventional consultant of the project

    Feasibility research—it will ensure property management mode on basis of target customer positioning, confirm service content on basis of planning and supporting, confirm general service quality standard of property according to target customers\ initially determine charge standard of property management service fee based on property management cost.

    Planning design—in combination of property structure layout and function, it will propose improvement suggestions; combining with the rationality and adaptation of property environment and supporting facility, it will propose opinions and suggestions\ offer improvement opinions on setup, model selection, and service of facility equipment\ it will propose opinions on the settings of public supporting construction, facility and field like property management service room, and club etc.

    Construction period—it will negotiate the problems existing in construction with developer and contractor, timely propose and implement improvement plan coordinating with equipment installation and ensure installation quality, propose opinions from the aspect of property management for internal and external decoration modes, material adoption and technology etc.

    Sale period—to complete property management plan and implementation schedule, prepare public management system of property management, as well as various fee collection standard and methods, execute various examination & approval procedure, offer property management knowledge training aimed at salesmen\ provide property management consultancy service for customers on the sale-building site\ classify the materials like records and plans forming in the early stage into property management file.

    Completion acceptance period—to participate in project acceptance work in different period\ propose opinions and suggestions on the project and make report.

    Early-stage management consultant of the property

    Perfection and optimization of management resource

    Establishment and perfection of management rules and service standard

    Management consultant of property operation period

    Improvement and optimization of current energy consumption structure

    Maintenance and improvement of public equipment facilities

    Upgrading and strengthening of fire protection system

    Management and maintenance of security protection and monitor

    Management upgrading of environment and landscaping

    Management and maintenance of parking lot

    Risk spot control of project

    Treatment of emergency events

    Financial balance of project operation

    Optimization of project post structure and personnel arrangement

    Soft service upgrading of project


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