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  • Dalian, China
    (National service hotline)

    Dalian King Saga property management co., LTD

    Established in 2007, King Saga Property endeavors to offer high-quality service for customers, serve the customers spreading over many industries and fields, cooperation customers including world top 500 enterprises as well as domestic and overseas famous enterprises, as of the present, it has offered high-quality management and value-added services for over 100 high-end customers, in recent years, King Saga Property expands with over 35% growth rate per year, and establishes branches and offices in our main large and medium cities.

    We will offer comprehensive and systematic solution as the personal request of customers.

    Position outsourcing--                                       Management consultancy--

    Administration office support                             Property management consultant

    Equipment maintenance management          Performance management design

    Daily cleaning–keeping management             Business procedure optimization

    Order maintenance management                    Systematic position training

    Basic position outsourcing management


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