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  • Dalian, China
    (National service hotline)
    • Administration Work Support

    At present, there is one worry-saving administration management method for the enterprise, that is to outsource partial or complete administration management to a service institute to accomplish, this is called as administration outsourcing. After outsourcing, it will make administrators possess more energy to put into drastic market competition.

    We can help the enterprise to avoid risk, standardize operation, simplify procedure, lower down the cost, add value for the enterprise, satisfy the staffs, and upgrade the height and core competence of administration management, meanwhile, we will formulate much clearer and practical management plans as the request of customers.

    Our advantages

    Team—all the staffs in our team have enterprise administration management experience for many years. They have accepted systematic administrative manager training, and they are adept in good communication with customers, and solving trouble spot and difficulty of enterprise administration management quickly, and proposing effective improvement methods. What is more, the staffs can be rapidly supplemented and keep stable relatively.

    Standard—administration work standardization, administration efficiency improvement, administration cost reduction, and administration staff professionalization.

    Platform—the greatness is achieved through specialization, to own special integrated administration platform, mature platform support procedure and administration resource integration will be the highest guarantee to solve administration project as the request of quality and quantity. Each project manager possesses qualification of enterprise administrative manager, and accepts professional administration management training, and own rich administration implementation experience.

    System—for us, the accomplishment of one administration project is absolutely not the end of service, but the new starting point of service. Because of complication and tediousness of administration work, after-sale service team will make active client review and service regularly, and offer the latest and perfect administration solution for customers.

    Our service range

    l   Receptionist, email receiving and sending

    l   Lobby guidance

    l   Etiquette service

    l   Conference support

    l   File arrangement and official documents

    l   Office supplies management


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