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  • Dalian, China
    (National service hotline)
    • Performance Management Design

    We will help enterprise to establish the process to make various- level administrators and staffs participate in performance plan formulation, performance coaching communication, performance assessment and evaluation, performance result application, performance target upgrading and continual cycle in order to reach organization target.

    Key points we focus on: relationship balance of strategy, culture, organization and human resource management; enterprise human resource operation system based on strategy; relation balance of performance management system and human resource management system.

    It can realize:

    To realize operation target of enterprise into specific and measurable standard;

    To realize macro-operation of enterprise into detailed and specific work duty of staffs;

    To help enterprise to track cross-department, cross-time frame performance variation with quantized index;

    Enable to find problems timely, analyze the reason why actual performance can’t reach expected target;

    Enable to be clear at a glance of key competency and deficiency of enterprise;

    Enable to offer effective support information for enterprise operation decision and executive result;

    Enable to encourage team cooperation spirit;

    Enable to offer tools in order to formulate and implement staff incentive mechanism.

    Our service range

    Property type of enterprise

    Service type of enterprise

    Labor-intensive enterprise


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